Targeting Markets and Lead Nurturing Client Success Video

CEO and Founder, of PCO Bookkeepers, Dan Gordon discusses how he stopped leveraging Sales Development Reps and replaced this process with targeting markets and lead nurturing with Gabriel Sale’s Digital Demand Center to grow his business

Digital Demand Center’s impact on a professional services and consulting sales process

(Watch Time – 4:00 Minutes)

Targeting Markets and Lead Nurturing Success Conversation with Dan Gordon – President and Founder of PCO Bookkeepers and M&A Specialists.

Dan Gordon is a serial entrepreneur and author with a specialization in the pest control and lawn care industries. In this short conversation with Dan he discusses why he recommends working with Digital Demand Center.  Discussion points include:

  • Why well educated “Sales Ready Leads” were and improvement for his closers
  • Ease of implementation and optimization of the lead nurturing and target market technology stack
  • How Digital Demand Center helped maximized his existing content
  • His initial hesitation outsourcing and how that concern was quickly erased
  • Why lead scoring made everything easier for his closers
  • How Digital Demand Center process lifted the sales and marketing discipline for the entire organization