How Lead Scoring Works in Digital Demand Center™

In this short demo we explain how lead scoring works in Digital Demand Center. We also share how that predictive lead score is shared directly in your CRM to prioritize sales ready leads and well educated buyers for your sales team.

(Watch Time – 3:00 Minutes)

Summary of How Lead Scoring Works Video

In this short demo we explain how lead scoring works in Digital Demand Center. We’ll explain how Digital Demand Center nurtures leads with content marketing deep into the sales funnel to automate pre-sales education. And we demo the software to share how DDC:

  • Tracks that digital conversation
  • Scores that engagement
  • Predicts when a buyer is ready to buy
  • Alerts your sales team
  • Prioritizes Sales Ready leads directly in your CRM
  • Share insights with your sale team to help develop and close opportunities

Additional Background

Lead scoring is a process that helps marketers identify the potential buyers among a database of leads. This lead scoring process bridges the gap between marketing and sales because marketing can prioritize leads for follow up by a sales representative. That way, the sales team doesn’t waste time contacting all prospects and focuses only on the most valuable ones.

A lead scoring process is now critical to:

  1. Control cost of sales
  2. Maximize the production of your sales team

And coupled with lead nurturing it allows you to maximize your entire lead generation and marketing budget.

Additional Resources

If you are new to the concept and benefits of lead scoring here are some additional resources: