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Your Buyers Overwhelmingly Prefer eMail Marketing and So Should You

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When asked “How do you prefer to first learn about a new product or solution?” – 71% of buyers prefer a first touch by email. For the price of a cold list, our packages can deliver top of funnel leads that are interested in your solution. We offer turnkey solutions for companies at any stage of maturity, that include:

  • Targeting and Segmentation Research
  • 3 Blasts to 10,000 to 150,000 targets
  • Full Contact info for all engaged leads
  • Full Reporting
  • (Optional) Content Production and Curation

To learn more about how we can put 3,000-6,000 new leads in your pipe in under six weeks, check out our quick educational video, the detailed FAQ videos below or visit our pricing/package page.

What results can you expect from an eProspecting campaign?

Gabriel Sales Co-Founder and Director of Demand Gen Solutions, Carol Springer, explains what you can expect from an eProspecting Campaign for both short and long term success. She covers:

  • Why volume is so important for early stage top of funnel pipeline development
  • Why Opt-In lists outperform buying cold leads
  • Why A/B split testing is important
  • And the results and quality of the leads you can typically expect when targeting an average size list of 75,000 potential buyers


We Developed 3 Packages to Meet Your Needs

Whether you are a seasoned content marketer looking to fuel your marketing automation platform with a fresh set of leads, you’re new to content marketing, or launching a new product/solution, we have an eProspecting package that is designed for your stage of sales, marketing and business maturity.

Carol Springer, Co-founder and Director of Demand Gen Solutions, discusses the who and why of our three different packages to help you find the right solution for you.

Feel free to check out our pricing page to compare options.

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Hit the Right Targets at the Right Volumes to Maximize Your ROI

With 20 years of outbound eMail marketing and cold calling experience (and over 40 marketing automation implementations’ under our belt over the past 4 years), Gabriel Sales understands best practices required to help you craft an effective campaign based on your awareness, early stage lead generation and qualified sales pipeline goals.

Watch as Carol Springer discusses how we help you size and target a market to ensure a successful campaign.

Feel free to check out our pricing page to compare options.


Detailed Metrics for Early Lead Scoring and Market Intelligence

There is no better way to quickly fill your top of funnel pipeline than with an eProspecting campaign. There is also no faster or more cost effective way to get immediate feedback on your messages, product offerings and content.

We provide detailed metrics for each blast, a final summary report, and all campaigns include A/B subject line split tests with preliminary engagement scoring to segment sales-ready leads.

Check out this video for a quick overview or visit our pricing page to compare options.

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