Sales Outsourcing for Publisher Case Study

Sales Outsourcing for Publisher Case Study

Sales Outsourcing for Technology Publishing Case Study 

The Challenge

Organization focused on selling marketing programs to IT firms.  The business had lost 50% of revenue annually in two consecutive years.  New VP of Sales promoted from within which caused the attrition of 2 senior sales professionals on staff.  VP was given one year to turn business around.

Selling To: VPs & Directors of Marketing, MARCOM Directors

The Solution

  • Sales Consulting – GS evaluated 18 month cycle of existing business to identify Ideal Customer Profile and most profitable customers.  Conducted internal analysis of sales methodology, sales infrastructure and skill sets
  • Outsourcing Lead Generation – Gabriel Sales implemented a new business lead generation to ensure pipe was growing through reorganization.

The Results

  1. Business grew from 2.1M annually to 6.9M annually in 24 months
  2. Gabriel Systems managed and executed ongoing new business lead generation and then transitioned to closing Proof of Concept deals – 13 new clients in year 1 and 28 new clients in year 2 generating $300K revenue in year 1 and $650K revenue in year 2.
  3. Existing sales team was restructured around specific verticals reducing fixed costs of sales team by 23%. Internal teams focus transitioned to account management with a focus on scaling business of existing and new relationships post Proof of Concept.
  4. Client worked with GS to leverage GS insights and metrics to implement SalesForce.Com and VP was freed of new business acquisition management issues to pursue million dollar plus enterprise deals


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Sales Outsourcing Social Media Case Study

Sales Outsourcing Social Media Case Study

In this sales outsourcing social media case study you will learn how a multi-channel demand generation solution helped a social media technology company scale faster at a lower cost of sales.

The Challenge

Technology Company developed a real time analytics technology had already launched into a non-marketing focused vertical with success but limited growth potential.  The product worked well but the market was not big enough. Initially company needed more capital for growth. Series B investors required new vertical and marque client traction to close round. Company had no internal competency in market research, analytics, solution sales or ad agency sales.

Selling To: Fortune 500 EVPs and SVPs of Sales and Marketing, CMOs, Agency CEO, CIOs and Directors

The Solution

  • Outsourcing Lead Generation – Staff three lead generation reps for first 120 days to fill the pipe
  • Sales Consulting and New Product Launch –  Simultaneously worked with client executives and  took existing technology and sales repackaged new verticals
  • New Product Launch – Staffed inside rep and sold initial low end intro packages.
  • Outsourcing Sales – Cut lead gen team in half and staffed a full time enterprise sales representative to move into elephant hunting mode
  • Sales and Account Management Recruiting – Trained two senior sales representatives hired directly by company as Gabriel Sales blended team filled their pipes. Recruited a Market Research PhD to manage client servicing
  • Sales Process Consulting –  Functioned as temporary SVP of Sales and Marketing

The Results

First 180 days

  1. 18 pilot deals closed.
  2. One of the top 3 players in; CPG, Entertainment, Beverage, Office Products, B2B tech, Management Consulting and Retail closed.
  3. 2 of the top 4 Advertising Agencies running pilots.  5 other smaller agencies piloting.
  4. Series B round closed

Second 360 Days

Helped to recruit a President to oversee entire business development, client services and sales operations.

Transitioned Gabriel Sales team over as employees of the company

  • 12 additional pilots
  • 2 Agency relationship scaled leveraging solution across 5 or more Fortune 500 clients per agency as recommended solution
  • 5 Fortune 500 clients renewed and scaled from pilot to annual deals – 3 to 200K plus, 1 to 300K plus, 1-500K plus.
  • Helped to recruit a President to oversee entire business development, client services and sales operations.
  • Transitioned Gabriel Sales team over as employees of the company

Sales Outsourcing Can Provide Point Solutions for Lead Gen

Sales Outsourcing Can Provide Point Solutions for Lead Gen

How Sales Outsourcing can be applied to many different areas to grow company revenue

Sales outsourcing can be applied to multiple stages of a company’s sales process to help accelerate revenue, increase sales funnel volume and to drive a more consistent flow of real sales opportunities. And with the proliferation of modern sales and marketing technologies like CRMs and marketing automation platforms it is now possible to use outsourcing for point solutions for multiple stages of your sales funnel.

Here are the areas that you can use a sales outsourcing partner to provide a point solution to help you increase your sales lead generation process to grow revenue this year.

Targeting and Initial Lead Generation Database. The first step in building any sustainable lead generation process is to ensure you are targeting the right market and generating targets that are the right fit for your solution. Think of your target database as this foundation. Without the proper database of leads to target your sales funnel never gets off the ground.  A sales outsourcing company will have subscriptions to multiple research tools and access to multiple databases that most small business or start-ups don’t have (and that probably would not make sense to invest in).   An outsourcing company can help you construct the right database quickly.

Initial Engagement. Meaningful marketing is centered on making the buyer aware you exist.  This requires a combination of email marketing, cost effective pay per click advertising and phone reps to introduce your solution. To engage with prospects and potential buyers in a meaningful way, you must develop tactics that use educational content to introduce your company to the buyer. And you need to align the distribution of that content across both digital communication and your reps. To do this effectively, you must have a content marketing strategy in place to provide educational engagement, and well trained reps to support that effort. An adequate marketing and sales company can do this for you quickly.

Conversion.  Sales outsourcing companies are now using modern sales and marketing technologies that score leads in real time and delivers profile information that identifies what buyers are most likely to buy.  Automated campaigns have higher conversion rates but in some cases companies do not have enough calling resources to help them to convert earlier stage buyers that have not made an inbound request.  A sales outsourcing company can help you staff part time or full time reps for specific period of time to help you mine you system for more leads faster.

Sales and Marketing Automation Technology. Businesses are now leveraging tools to simplify and automate parts of the sales process. A sales outsourcing company will understand how these technologies work.  The company will also have experience customizing these tools for different types of sales.  You may want to consider outsourcing your automation technology to a company that can do it quickly with a blended team of experts to save you time and money.

Gabriel Sales provides full service sales outsourcing solutions for start-ups and small businesses.   This also includes providing point solutions for companies looking to build modern sales and marketing operations.  You can click here to learn more about our specific sales outsourcing solutions and click here to learn more about our approach to outsourced sales.

Sales Outsourcing and a CRM

Sales Outsourcing and a CRM

Learn how your sales outsourcing company can advise you on your CRM

We work with many small businesses and one of the questions we get over and over again is: “What should we do with our CRM when sales outsourcing?”

When we talk to most small businesses without a CRM in place we typically get two responses:

  • The first is that “we tried a CRM and no one used it” or “it was too complicated”.
  • The second is that “we are using spreadsheets or some other basic system” and its working fine.

So they ultimately want to know if they will need a CRM for sales outsourcing to produce the best results. It really comes down to five issues:

  • What kind of lead volume are you working with, and are you using a marketing automation platform?
  • How many sales reps will we be passing leads to?
  • How far you want your outsource sales team to take the deals into the funnel?
  • What are your growth targets?

What kind of lead volume are you working with, and are you working with a marketing automation platform.

What kind of lead volume are you working with? If you are a small business and only need to close 6 to 24 deals a year, then you will probably need to generate approximately 100 to 200 Sales Accepted Leads (deals where you are engaging in conversations with next steps) annually. In many cases, you can manage these leads internally with spreadsheets.

This is especially true if you have a marketing automation solution that can be referenced to track the buyer’s digital footprint to score leads. It will also track the buyer’s engagement with emails as part of your sales outsourcing process. You can also leverage this automation system to manage and prioritize your early stage leads, and to capture inbound leads for your efforts. Once a buyer is getting serious, you can move them to your spreadsheet.

If you are typically only managing less than 10 active deals with concrete next steps at a time, and you only have owners or one rep managing the close, you don’t necessarily need a CRM.

If your products or services require heavy transactional sales efforts and you are closing multiple deals per month, the rule of thumb is that you will need 10 sales accepted leads for every deal you end up closing. This quickly leads to being able to manage and prioritize 500 to 1000 leads annually. A spreadsheet will quickly overwhelm you and your team with even the most diligent internal rep. If you are using a sales outsourcing team, reporting will become difficult. Therefore, identifying a CRM investment to support both your internal sales team and outsourcing team would be prudent.

How many internal sales reps will we be passing leads to?

If you are an owner of the company and are responsible for closing business, and have a tracking system that works for you, then you can stick with that system.

If you are not involved with sales on a daily basis, then you need to consider a CRM and enforce that your sales rep use that CRM to keep detailed notes.

You also need a CRM if you have multiple reps. You will be able to save at least 40 hours plus a year in pipeline management reporting. This alone will make up for the sunk time costs of a CRM.

How far you want your sales outsourcing team to take the deals into the funnel?

If you are hiring an outsourcing group to generate leads for you, they will have their own internal system to qualify leads. If they are transitioning these leads to your internal sales team and never touching them again, then you will not need a CRM if you have a system that works for your sales team.

However, if your team is developing leads, engaging in sales presentations and doing any type of solution discovery, you will need a system for them to document and record that information to make sure these sales conversations and their substantive content is captured and part of the sales record. In this case you will need a CRM.

In addition, if you will be passing leads back and forth with your outsource sales team, you will need a place to assign accountability and collectively schedule sales efforts. The CRM will then be leveraged to do what it is designed to do which is to Customer Relationship Management.

Do you have aggressive growth targets?

If you have aggressive growth targets and planning to add multiple sales reps over time, you will definitely want a CRM. A CRM will allow you to scale lead generation, lead development and build a database. It is far easier to add headcount and resources to scale a sales effort and get them productive when you have a CRM. You simply hand them their sales pipe with their new leads and buyer’s past history, and the new rep can be active in the sales process immediately.

Gabriel Sales helps companies build modern sales and marketing operations and provides outsource sales team and marketing solutions. Please visit this article to learn about how the marketing has changed and our new approach to sales outsourcing.


Sales Outsourcing and a CRM

When Sales Outsourcing Target an Ideal Customer Profile

As a sales outsourcing company understanding our clients Ideal Customer Profile is critical to:

  • Understanding what story your sales outsourcing and marketing team should be telling
  • Understanding how to tell this story
  • Understanding where your sales outsourcing and marketing team should focus their efforts

When you have a clear understanding of who you are targeting and why you are targeting them you sales outsourcing team will produce significantly better results on the back end.

What is an Ideal Customer Profile?

An Ideal Customer Profile is a process for you and your sales outsourcing partner to identify the buyers you should focus on for the best return from your outsourcing sales, marketing and lead generation investment.  As sales outsourcing company this is the first area focus on when we provide sales consulting during the launch of a client.  This area is critical because the leads you put into the funnel will have a downstream impact across the entire sales funnel.

Ultimately, an Ideal Customer Profile enables your sales outsourcing and marketing team to target your potential buyer based on hard criteria directly correlated to the type of company and specific buyer persona, such as:

  • Company revenue
  • Company employee count
  • Level where the decision will be made
  • Level where the decision will be influenced
  • Technology Adopted –  ERP, CRM, Social Media Platforms, Marketing Automation Platform, etc.

Your Ideal Customer profile should also include softer criteria:

  • Business Pain/Need
  • Psychographics – company culture, leadership style, corporate values
  • Education Level of Decision Makers – MBAs, MBAs from Ivy,  Under Graduate degrees

It is also important to know who you don’t want to sell to:

  • Are there decision makers or influencers who would feel threatened by the solution

The reason you want to start with this level of detail is so your company and your sales outsourcing partner will be fully aligned focused on:

  • Telling a powerful sales story to buyers that are most likely to transact
  • Creating the content and scripts necessary to tell this story
  • Focusing all your demand generation efforts on putting as many of these type of buyers into the sales pipeline in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

We realize that this can all sound like a difficult task but as a sales outsourcing and marketing company we have the:

  • Frameworks to make this process frictionless
  • Access to the database subscriptions to make the market research and segmentation cost effective
  • And the experience building buyer persona’s to help stimulate insights from our clients they may not have had the time or bandwidth to uncover

To learn more about why we feel this approach to selling is the right solution for many businesses in this new buyer driven landscape we invite you to check out our sales outsourcing services page or our About Us section which details our sales outsourcing philosophy.