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Below we have compiled some B2B sales & marketing solutions and best practices for the many challenges facing sales and marketing organizations. It’s time to start winning by leveraging the new rules of sale engagement.

Gabriel Sales has been providing sales outsourcing solutions services including outsourced sales staffing, product launch support, marketing automation sales process consulting and outsourced b to b demand generation for over 15 years. Click on the video below to see how we can help to pull it all together.

How to Improve Your B to B Demand Generation

This 4:00 video frames how B2B demand generation approached in the right way can:

  • Give Marketing a “Sales Quota”
  • Maximize your Marketing Spend
  • Accelerate your Pipe Velocity
  • Close Business Faster
  • Increase your Inside Sales Team’s Efficiency

Also explores if an outsourced sales or outsourced demand generation partner is the right fit for your organization.

Tactics to Lift or Launch B2B Demand Generation

What is the difference between B2B demand generation vs. B2B Lead Generation? As an outsourced B to B Demand Generation and Sales Outsourcing Solutions Company we are frequently asked by customers “What is the difference between Lead Generation and Demand Generation when the goal for both is to increase revenue and drive more sales for a company?” CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER.

As a sales outsourcing soulutions and B2B demand generation company we have been fortunate enough to work with some tremendous innovators. Learn more about the sales best practices we have collectively discovered including: digital content tactics, how to improve targeting, marketing automation and the fastest ways to align sales and marketing for an exponential lift to your team’s production.

New Product Launch Sales and Marketing Tactics

Are your executives squeezed for bandwidth?  Is sales or product development your core competency? Do investors and executives want to see closed deals and metrics they can forecast against?  Do you need to get to market fast? If you are under-resourced and under pressure to close business while continuing to develop your product and service customers this section may be for you!   CLICK HERE to learn more about best practices to build and execute a winning, Go-To-Market Strategy.  We hope some of what we have learned providing sales outsourcing solutions for new product launches is helpful to you.

Need Help Generating Leads?

Launching a new product? Need help spreading the word and getting interest? Call us and we’ll talk about your situation and see if we can craft a strategy together and get people to find your solution.

Digital Content Strategies to Give Marketing a “Sales Quota”

Does moving into content marketing seem daunting? Do you have past presentations that can be re-purposed? Is marketing not producing the lift to your pipe?  Do your reps need more Sales Qualified Leads?  Digital Marketing is about putting more deals in the pipe that can close, and giving your marketing team a “Sales Quota” focused on moving deals forward to close.  Sales content requires that you:  listen to your customers, listen to your sales reps, listen to your product specialists, create content for specific stages in the customer buying cycle and then re-purpose and  repackage around a specific segments’ needs.  To learn how sales driven and sales led marketing teams execute Digital Content Strategies CLICK HERE.

Sales Strategies for Tech, Software and SaaS Sales

Over the past 24 months  the rules of sales engagement have changed more for B to B Technology, SaaS and Software companies than any other industry.  Innovators drive early adoption.  The wave of technology that has hit the market allows marketing and sales to function as a cohesive unit for the first time in history. And its all driven by the fact that your buyers digest, on average, 10.7 pieces of digital collateral prior to buying.  CLICK HERE to learn some ways you can maximize your new opportunities.

Sales Strategies for the Professional Service Sale

Are your “Sellers” and “Deliverers” the same person?  Is your sales complex?  Does it require a bunch of education?  Are you sick of the peaks and valleys in your sales pipe?  Would you rather be “solutioning” and “billing” rather than selling? Professional Service firms have some unique sales challenges compared to other industries.  Learn about some of the unique opportunities you now have to gain a competitive sales and marketing advantage over the competition.   CLICK HERE to visit our Knowledge Center dedicated to your unique challenges!

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