Video That Drives Sales – Sales Outsourcing Tip

As a sales outsourcing company, that specializes in building sales automation engines, we work remotely from our clients.   One key ingredient of our sales engines is the ability to use content to prove to buyers that the product we are selling solves a problem for them.  And over the past several years we have discovered that nothing is more valuable than video.   And when creating videos, regardless if it is our team, or their team creating the content, we have one major rule.


Rule # 1 – Keep it Simple

People buy products and services because they want to solve a problem. That’s it.


Rule # 2 – Address Buyers Problems

We have found over the past several years of video production and distribution that videos that perform the best supporting our client’s sales outsourcing reps, our lead scoring, and our content marketing are the ones that offer solutions to a problem.  This is especially helpful for lead scoring because if a buyer has watched the video you know they may have this pain.

The problem could be as simple as, “When launching an email campaign, I want to get notified when someone clicks a link in the email.”

Company X could make a short video that shows a marketing team launching an email campaign, and sales people are getting emails to follow up with leads.

Now, that sort of video documentation is way more interesting than a text explanation of the technology. Some other ideas for problem-solving with video marketing.  Here is one that shows how lead scoring helps callers:




      • Create video content with happy clients or customers (remember, they don’t have to be long to be compelling 1-2 minutes) offering short testimonials.






  • Create easy to follow videos for each step of your product implementation, especially if it’s a software program
  • Create a weekly webisode series that shows your company’s spokesperson running into daily life issues that are solved with your product or service. This could be the office “talent”, so someone that is camera-ready is preferable.


This leads in to my next point….


Micro-Video Strategy Applications

Let’s face it, there are moments in your daily experiences that people like to see. These are the most interesting and compelling content that you can capture, and the challenge is knowing how to identify it. Which we will get into later.

With attention spans plummeting, now is the time to begin developing a short-form content strategy that blends with your overall content strategy. This is very applicable to your micro-branded products or services.

At Company X, for example, John has started a new 3-minute video webisode series where he talks about everything marketing and sales. The great thing about Joe is that he is able to record each video on his iPhone, and no one expects anything more from the production value because it’s more about the thought leadership he provides.

Video content can also be used to automate the explanation of products, services, and customer problems to help make it easier for buyer to buy:

  • For Example turn your sales reps initial intro pitch deck (that takes 10 15 minutes to present live) into a simple to produce explanation video that talks about the current situation in the market, the problems this creates and how you solve the problem.  It’s mini webcast on speed – part educational and part quick intro to the solution.  Here is one we crafted for our tradeshow support package




If you can identify all of the moments that might need explaining, and make a short video about each, you’ll be able to create a video strategy that is built specifically for that pain point.

Remember, people have different problems they need solved. It is your job as the marketer to identify those problems with your sales team.

They will love you for addressing their questions and/or problems quickly and succinctly, without having to sift through pages of blog content.

Remember the things to keep at the top of your mind to create the compelling video for your product or service is pain points.

Ask yourself these questions: “Is this something that someone else would find valuable? How long did it take me to figure this out, and will it help someone else reach this conclusion quicker?”

At Gabriel Sales, we have created a video production workshop that will help you create compelling content that will help amplify your sales tactics, support out sales outsourcing reps to share and to create a video library for your potential customers and clients that they will love.

To learn more about how Gabriel Sales can help you to tell your sales story powerfully to as many buyers as possible using our sales outsourcing and sales automation services please visit our strategy and sales outsourcing services page.    To decide if our team is the right one for you please visit our About Us page.

Sales Outsourcing Questions

How do we define sales outsourcing? Similar to outsourcing other functions like HR, IT and Accounting, sales outsourcing involves the use of a third party with the tools, team and talent to assume the management, execution, and in some cases, the strategy for existing sales programs. It is also a way to take new products to market. Sales and marketing outsourcing can take on a single function like top of funnel lead generation, or sales opportunity development. You can also leverage a sales outsourcing company to take the buyer through the entire process.

How can a sales outsourcing company help your business? Our clients have leveraged outsourced sales to improve their efforts in the following areas:

Sales Strategy. Sales strategy and execution is not always an area of expertise for many companies, especially small and mid-sized businesses. An sales outsourcing and marketing company can quickly help you frame a proven strategy.

Recruiting, hiring, training and managing sales and marketing professionals. Like any function of your business, success is often dependent on finding, training, managing and retaining the right talent. A sales outsourcing and marketing company has these disciplines and functions ingrained in their business. You should expect any sales outsourcing company to have a marketing support staff.

Sales and Automation Technology Expertise and Experience – For many companies, success now requires the ability to run integrated campaigns and to cost effectively score leads. A sales outsourcing and marketing company will have expertise implementing and integrating multiple systems like CRMs and Automation Technologies. This helps you to avoid the time and expense of finding this expertise. Understanding these best practices is a significant advantage for a business that does not have these tools in place.

Access to Databases – The ability to be successful with outbound sales and marketing efforts requires access to quality contacts to target, and the ability to segment these targets against your ideal customer profile. A sales outsourcing company will have subscriptions and access to multiple sources that have been previously vetted.

Speed to market. A business that needs to launch a new product must focus its efforts on development, and servicing/supporting the product or solution. An sales outsourcing company can help you move much faster than your competitors.

Additional Cost Benefits – Beyond many of the costs associated with the items mentioned above, an outsourced sales team helps you avoid costs like office space and equipment. In most cases, you can avoid the expense of hiring a full-time executive to manage your sales effort. In fact, you can often have a team of reps working for you for less than the cost of this one expense.


How Can Gabriel Sales Help

Gabriel Sales works closely with our clients to:

  • Run sales ready lead campaigns to fill your funnel
  • Recruit, train and manage our clients’ sales and marketing team
  • Leverage the most recent technologies to make your sales process more efficient and more effective
  • Provide total transparency and metrics so you can measure success at every stage of the sales process

To learn more about our approach please visit our About Us page. If you are looking for a point solution, you can visit our solutions here:

You Need to Help Your Outsourcing Sales Team

Coming out of the downturn, and in combination with Tim Ferris’ (now almost classic) “4-Hour Work Week” and automation technologies to help businesses measure success, business are now open to outsourcing most functions.   However, Tim Ferris’  painted a slightly rosy picture of how easy this could be. This is especially true when outsourcing sales.  As any executive who has attempted sales outsourcing will tell you, outsourcing sales is not always a quick path to profitability or as straightforward as advertised.   This is especially true when dealing with companies that have hung their shingles over the past 3-4 years that are now proliferating in Google Adwords.

Here are several perspectives to consider as you consider outsourcing sales for your company:

The One Eyed Man is Not Necessarily King in the Land of the Blind

As an outsourcing sales and strategy consulting company we are experts in sales processes, and all the tools required for outsourcing sales successes.  However if you do not have a sales process already in place it will take us at least one or two sales cycles (taking buyers through their buying process and your sales process)  to refine our collective approach.   Sales outcomes will not change overnight because buyers don’t change the way they buy overnight.    We typically let our clients know that the more they can stay engaged through the initial 3 to 6 months the smoother and faster outcomes we will be able to collectively produce (more on this below).   Most companies are successful for a reason and that typically starts with the sales knowledge in their executive’s brains.

If you do not understand why your buyer buys we can help you nail this down with some consulting workshops and then real time feedback from buyers.  But it will take time before the path to growth becomes clear and concrete because our most successful outsourcing sales are a result of building a repeatable process.


Can you stay engaged especially during the initial 90 days of launch?

Numerous entrepreneurs see outsourcing sales as a one time deal – you sign an agreement with an outsourced sales company, and afterward sit back while your new outsourced sales reps start closing deals.  Obviously, as we all know, closing business is never that easy.

We have found that executives that stay engaged during the initial 90 days will accelerate success stories.   You don’t need to stay hands on daily but we do recommend that you attend the weekly meetings and digest the data.  There will be insights you can provide and rabbit holes you will be able to help your outsourcing sales partner to avoid.

We love the feedback, because feedback allows us, as a team, to fix issues quickly to get the best results.


Embrace the Pareto Principle when Creating Content to Support Outsourcing Sales

As an outsourced sales and marketing company we are trying to build a repeatable communication process.   What we find across 100% of our engagement is that 80% of your deals are going to care about the same 20% of the information.   It could be the same objections that need to be overcome.  It could be the same business pains you solve.   You should expect your outsourcing sales partner to have a process to help document what 20% of information needs to be shared to drive that 80% of your engagement.    You should then expect to create content that will give the buyers the ability to educate themselves digitally in these areas.


Embrace the Pareto Principle when Following Up with Leads

As an outsourcing sales company we have embraced automation technologies for one reason.  Once an outbound lead has been generated (agreed to accept additional information either through an eMail campaign or cold call campaign)  we use this technology to help us score a leads propensity to buy.   Because what we typically see is – of the leads that do agree to engage only about 20% have an immediate need (next quarter or two)  and the remaining 80%  are interested but nowhere close to being ready to buy.   Success in the age of digital buyer education requires that you use an automation technology to score leads.  You should expect your sales outsourcing partner to be adept in the use of these tools.

To learn more about how a business with a 15 year track record can help your business  contact us here. Please feel free to check out our sales consulting and sales outsourcing services page  to learn more about a full sales outsourcing engagement and if you have your process buttoned up and are simply looking for more sales ready leads we can help with a sales ready lead campaign.

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