Sales Tactics for a New Product Launch

Do you have questions about the right sales tactics for a new product launch?

Here are several great tactics for a new product sales launch.

Are your executives squeezed for bandwidth? Is sales or product development your core competency? Do investors and executives want to see closed deals and metrics they can forecast against? If you are like most companies you are probably under resourced and under pressure to close business while continuing to develop your product and service customers. As a sales outsourcing and B2B demand generation company we have been involved in 100s of new product launches. Below are some of the best practices and tactics Gabriel Sales recommends and tips from some of the thought leaders we work with.


Things to Consider

Top 10 Sales & Marketing Strategies for a New Product Launch

Sales outsourcing for new product is about closing business, so it’s paramount you have a solid stable of new product launch sales tactics. However, with the right feedback loops, insights and B2B digital content you can align your inbound and outbound efforts to build exponential sales growth and drive market intelligence back into the entire enterprise. Here are our Top 10 strategies and tactics for a successful new product launch.


Close Faster

How to Integrate Sales Team, Marketing  and Digital Content

Successful new product launches now require you to align sales and marketing and to integrate inbound marketing and outbound sales efforts to get the most out of your sales and marketing budget.  Winning is now about getting the right message, to the right prospect at the right time. You can make it easy for you and your buyer with straight forward video content.  Visit this landing page to check out video that works for every stage of your sales process and your buyer’s journey


Higher Velocity

How to Build a High Velocity Sales Machine

A quick 3 minute video overview of the unique sales challenges faced for new product launches. This video discusses the part you need to build a scalable high velocity sales machine designed to close your first round of deals and to build on that success for exponential growth at a decreased cost of sales and marketing.

Learn how the right sales outsourcing partner can integrate inside sales reps, B2B digital content, social media and technology to augment and increase the performance of your existing team to drive your sales, your inbound marketing and your sales pipe velocity.

Sell Money to Sell Faster

In this economy “nice to have” no longer gets deals done. One of the key’s to creating a repeatable and scalable sales process is crafting a Return On Investment (ROI) value statement that gets the attention of CFOs and P&L owners. This blog shares our formula for crafting an ROI statement that hits both top line and bottom budgets to get deals done.  Read here to learn the basics



Compare Tactics

Where Does Outsourcing Fit?

No two product launches are the same.  Team skill sets are different. Markets and products are at different stages of maturity.  Some go-to-market budgets are larger than others. And revenue, deal and strategic goals and targets vary.   Below are a couple examples of how company’s integrated sales outsourcing or outsourcing demand generation to help exceed their goals.

Social Media Analytics SaaS Sales Outsourcing  – Company needed to close business and document sales metrics for new product to close Series B round.  Sales outsourcing drives 2M in annual run rate.

Fortune 500 Sales Outsourcing for New Product Launch –  Middleware Software and Hardware Solution needed to lead score and map demand generation sales process and turns to sales consulting and demand generation outsourcing to avoid disrupting existing sales team.



Better Intel

The Right Feedback Loops and Market Intelligence for a New Product Launch

A 3:00 minute video interview with Nielsen’s VNU Global Media SVP of US Sales, James Miller. He discusses how the right feedback loops implemented at the front end of a new product launch save critical time to beat the competition with product innovations, by making a business case based on hard data that ultimately increases sales success and the valuation of properties for successful exits.


Improve Targeting

How to Improve Targeting and Close the Right Customers

Smart targeting leads to faster deal flow and higher revenue.  Smart target starts with Pareto’s Principal. This principal is also known as ‘the law of the vital few’, or the 80:20 rule, it states that 80% of your revenue is going to come from 20% of your customers.   These are the customers you want to go after.  However targeting does not stop here.  You also need to consider who the right customers are for your business long term and at what level your customer service will need to increase and if you are a young company where the early adopters and champions will sit.  Read article to learn more