How to Build a Form in Account Engagement (Pardot) – Sales Tech Tutorial

How to Build a Form in Account Engagement (Pardot) – Sales Tech Tutorial

Users new to Salesforce Account Engagement will learn how to build a form in Account Engagement (Pardot), how to customize the form and connect the forms data to Salesforce.

(Video Length 7:30)

Topics Discussed in How to Build Form in Account Engagement (Pardot)

In this video training we explain how to build a form in Salesforce Account Engagement.  New users will learn the basics to successfully use form on their website and in automation campaigns.


What You Will Learn:

  1. Initial organization/association for form
  2. Hot to select, add edit fields
  3. Drop downs and required fields
  4. Recaptcha
  5. Branding and styles
  6. Multiple form completion actions
  7. Tags – to ensure you capture data to measure results

About The Presenter

Neely Morrison

Managed Services Operations and Customer Success Manager – Gabriel Sales

Gabriel Sales has launched over 100 successful Salesforce and Pardot implementations, and Neely Morrison joined Gabriel Sales in early 2020 as a Marketing Automation Specialist.  Neely quickly became Salesforce Certified and a Pardot Specialist executing the day-to-day tasks of managing B2B marketing automation activities of multiple B2B clients.  Neely  now oversees several managed services teams  managing the day-to-day marketing automation execution for multiple B2B marketing organizations

Neely and her support team hold multiple Salesforce Certifications including:  Salesforce Administrator, Pardot (Account Engagement) Specialist,  Sales Cloud, Salesforce Developer and Service Cloud Consultant.

Neely started her career in creative and social media marketing with a focus on brand development and lead generation and has a BA in Communications and Public Relations from Mississippi State University.

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