Sales Outsourcing Can Help When Investors Want Sales Metrics

Multi-Channel Strategy and B2B Marketing Outsourcing

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This blog explains how you can use an outsourcing sales and marketing company to quickly increase sales, in order to secure investments for a new product or technology.

When trying to convince someone to invest in a new product or technology, businesses will likely be asked to show why the investment is worth the money.  Investors are looking for sales metrics, often by specific target markets and sales verticals.  In other words, an investor wants proof that you can deliver, so they can feel secure in investing.  However, if your recent sales do not impress, you are unlikely to establish trust and secure investments.

So, what can you do when you have a great idea, and not enough sales traction to get solid investment terms? One solution to this problem is to turn your sales  over to an outsourced sales team to quickly increase revenue and implement the use of sales and marketing tracking tools, and performance metrics that report and measure dollars in and dollars out.

Without extensive sales knowledge and sales experience, these tasks may seem daunting.  An outsourcing sales company can help make this process much easier and less painful.  An outsourced sales team can help you attract the capital you need and quickly get your product or service to market.

Benefits of Sales Outsourcing:

  • Experienced sales professionals work to understand your specific business pains and needs
  • Outsourced sales teams use their experience to quickly devise and execute business plans
  • Outsourced sales teams understand what strategies and sales methods will work best for your business
  • Experienced sales professionals work directly towards achieving your goals efficiently and effectively
  • You can target your most successful markets, while simultaneously building new markets and securing new leads

When your sales process is running smoothly and effectively, turning out consistently closed deals at the end of your pipe, you should have no problem obtaining investments for a new product or service.  The team at Gabriel Sales can help make that happen.

If you’d like to see how sales outsourcing could benefit your company, contact us for a free pipeline velocity review.

Network SaaS Security Software Lead Generation and Qualification

Outsourcing Lead Generation and Lead Qualification for Network SaaS Security Software

The Challenge

A Series A funded network security risk and policy compliance software had multiple channel partners.  After two solid years channels were becoming less productive and growth was slowing.  Company made strategic decision to build a direct telemarketing and inside sales team to; decrease its reliance on the channel, increase its support of the channel,  target key verticals in Fortune 1000, and understand it’s sales ratios and direct sales business model prior to Series B round to increase valuation for founders.

Selling To: IT Directors,  Network Engineers, IT Managers,  CTOs  for Mid-Market Inbound Leads and Network Security Directors, Network Engineers and IT Directors for Outbound Telemarketing to Fortune 1000.

The Solution

  • Targeting Strategy – Crafted a go-to-market plan to target market.
  • Content production- Created early stage content and screencast demos of the the product to streamline buyer education
  • Outsourcing Lead Qualification – Staffed part time inside sales rep to qualify inbound leads and manage logistics of the sale.
  • Outsourcing Lead Generation – Staffed part time telemarketer targeting Temporary Sales Staffing – Gabriel Sales staffed temporary staff to make 10,500 follow up calls to 1500 inbound leads.
  • Marketing Operations Outsourcing – Took over Direct Marketing and Nurturing.
  • Sales Analysis and Consulting – Identified pipe velocity ratios and top market pains.

The Results

  • Lead Gen Rep made 3200 outbound calls to 49 Appointments – resulting in 11 Sales Qualfied Leads including 7 Fortune 200 Companies.
  • Built additional Nurturing Database of 2300.
  • Identified top 7 pains in the market.
  • Produced 7 short videos integrating company pitch with product demos addressing specific pains.  Established distribution platforms.
  • Integrated digital content into the sales process removing the requirement of the product specialist in the sales process until both the technical and business qualification of the prospect was complete.  This saved company one full day a week of products specialist time.
  • Company was acquired post execution of Gabriel Sales pilot program.  Sales pipeline, analysis and insights were leveraged in final negotiations.


We Are Passionate About Helping Entrepreneurs Committed to Sustained Sales Growth 


We Specialize in Building Outbound Marketing Engines To Consistently Fill Your Funnel with Real Sales Opportunities 


Contact our team and evaluate in detail if our solution can help drive your success and remove barriers to growth.





Marketing Consulting and Outsourcing for Fortune 500 Companies

Marketing Consulting & Outsourcing for a Security Middleware and Hardware Company

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 hardware and software provider was launching a new security middleware solution. Two divisions were merging. Sale was very complex requiring the participation of product specialists and a great deal of buyer education. Company was integrating a marketing automation platform and needed to establish marketing work flows and set baseline call metrics as part of implementation. Additionally company wanted to test scripts and messages without disrupting the existing inside sales team.

Selling To: Directors of Security, IT Directors and Database Architects following up on inbound leads from 3 media campaigns

The Solution

  •  Temporary Sales Staffing – Gabriel Sales staffed temporary staff to make 10,500 follow up calls to 1500 inbound leads.
  • Sales Consulting – Gabriel Sales tested multiple scripts, content and messages.
  • Sales Pipe Analysis – Tested a 7 call campaign (vs. previous 3 call campaign) and measured the result of every call.
  • Lead Scoring – Scored 3 sources of inbound leads for value by vertical and decision maker type.
  • Document Process – Documented all calls with verbatim and audio recordings.

The Results

  • Inbound lead performance lift from Marketing Qualified to Sales Qualified of 35% with 2 additional calls in sales process.
  • Profiled 1,200 accounts for future lead nurturing.
  • Scored most successful messages and business pains for educational content focus to reduce involvement of product specialists early in sales cycle.
  • Recommended increasing outbound follow up from 3 calls to 5 calls for optimal return on marketing investment
  • Scored 3 lead sources by vertical and decision maker type to increase the performance of future media buys
  • Process Transitioned – Scripts and process transitioned to existing sales team at end of engagement.
  • Were able to test without disrupting existing staff during the reorganization.


We Are Passionate About Helping Entrepreneurs Committed to Sustained Sales Growth 


We Specialize in Building Outbound Marketing Engines To Consistently Fill Your Funnel with Real Sales Opportunities 


Contact our team and evaluate in detail if our solution can help drive your success and remove barriers to growth.





Inside Sales Outsourcing Technology

Inside Sales Outsourcing and Sales Consulting for Technology Sales

The Challenge

A privately funded start-up company addressing Sarbanes Oxley compliance was facing better funded competitors. Series A funding required that sales process was documented with pipeline velocity ratios so potential investors could understand dollars in and dollars out. Senior Enterprise Sales Executive did not have the experience or the time to build and inside sales team and simultaneously close business.

Selling To: Publicly Traded Companies CFO, Corporate Compliance Officer, Audit Committee Chair Board of Directions

The Solution

  • Sales Strategy Consulting and New Product Launch-Gabriel Sales creates a target database, develops value propositions and tests multiple decision makers and and verticals targeting 800 companies and 2400 decision makers.
  • Sales Process Consulting-VM scripts, cold call scripts, value propositions and qualifying questions are created and finalized.  Metrics and ratios for forecasts and quotas were created.
  • Outsourcing Business Acquisition-Every prospect contact measured as value proposition is defined and product is priced.


  • Gabriel Sales closed 32 Web ASP clients with 2-year annual subscription at a monthly cost of $1500 to $3000
  • Identified and closed 2 beta enterprise software clients
  • Fully documented entire sales methodology and infrastructure
  • Transitioned team to client for internal management
  • Assisted in recruiting and transitioning team and process to internal full time VP of Sales


We Are Passionate About Helping Entrepreneurs Committed to Sustained Sales Growth 


We Specialize in Building Outbound Marketing Engines To Consistently Fill Your Funnel with Real Sales Opportunities 


Contact our team and evaluate in detail if our solution can help drive your success and remove barriers to growth.





Is Sales Outsourcing the Right Solution for Professional Services Sales?

Gabriel Sales has experience providing different types of outsourcing sales and outsourcing lead generation solutions for Professional Services firms.  Below is a transcript of our quick overview of building a high velocity sales model for professional services firm.

Gabriel Sales is a top sales outsourcing solution provider that specializes in in building sales machines that can double sales for services firms.


For Professional Service Sales the Job remains the same. Targeting the right markets, generate qualified sales leads, close faster and upsell accounts. As a seller you are tasked with growth when both the seller and buyer are being asked to more with less. As a Services firm, you now have some additional challenges which makes this a great time to consider outsourcing sales.

Sales Challenges for Professional Services Firms

You have less access to decision makers doing more work which means you need to double your lead generation efforts. Your top producers need to sell and in this economy they need to spend more time servicing accounts. So your sales pipe peaks and valleys are more exaggerated. You now need to engage and close two decision makers and that doubles the time required sell. Education is even more critical in the buyer’s process to remove perceived risk. And you need to sell your expertise and thinking style harder than ever to drive rates and margins. Finally sales and marketing operations can drain focus and steal time from revenue producing activities.


You need to maximize your top producers sales effectiveness and efficiency. If you are still selling and marketing the same way you may feel like you are running to stand still.  How do you sell faster, more effectively and grow your business? You build a sales machine that aligns sales and marketing that clones your top producer’s sales process.

Your sales and marketing operations need to embrace the new rules of sales engagement and integrate sales reps, pushing digital content and measuring the results with smart technologies. And you need to push and repurpose that sales content across platforms to make it easier for you buyer to buy and give your sales reps the ground cover they need to close deals.

Here is what a sales machine looks like. You put qualified deals in the pipe using reps and digital tools. You engage. You address one sales objection at a time. Push content and engage or nurture, until the deal is closed or out of the pipe.

You have two options. Take a year and a half to build a sales solution your own, or partner with an outsourcing sales and marketing provider to augment your gaps. With sales outsourcing you can be up and running is as little as two weeks, with a fully functioning sales and marketing operations execution team, leveraging a scalable sales process that is transparent and metric driven.

As an outsourced sales company we provide, speed to market, a managed sales process, digital content production and distribution, sales staff and marketing staff that executes seamlessly, sales tools and all the sales metrics to maximize ROI.

Sale services range from full time sales outsourcing and outsourced marketing operations, sales consulting, sales staffing and digital sales execution. Or you can test with a Gabriel Sales Spark™ Campaign – outsourced lead generation to boost existing efforts,  Gabriel Sales Ramp™ – for New Product Launches, or Ignite™  – a fully integrated outsourced sales and marketing campaign.

To see if sales outsourcing is right for you feel free to reach out to us for a free sales pipe velocity review or drop us an email.   We have additional sales outsourcing for professional services tips in our blog.