Sales-Ready Lead Campaign to Cure Marketing Automation Woes

Sales-Ready Lead Campaign to Cure Marketing Automation Woes

In one phrase: A Sales Ready Lead Campaign helps you overcome the barriers of marketing automation and produce sales-ready leads faster and with less risk.

Risk 1 – Lack of an effective strategy (52%) –  A Gabriel Sales’  Sales Ready Lead Campaign is designed from the best practices of over 40 marketing automation implementations. Your strategy should be proven and tested, and it can be with our historically successful deployments.

Risk 2 – Complexity of the system (42%)  – An outsourced sales and marketing company like Gabriel Sales can implement a system in a matter of days with a focus on what is critical.   We will not get distracted by all the bells and whistles that are not critical to the ultimate goal of generating sales ready leads for your sales reps.

Risk 3 – Inadequate contact data quality (38%) – Each Sales Ready Lead Campaign starts with a cost effective awareness and top of funnel lead generation campaign to ensure that your engine is fueled with enough volume of real targets from day 1.

Risk 4 – Lack of employee skills (32%) – An outsourced sales and marketing company like Gabriel Sales will bring a blended team of experts to the table including:

  • Strategists
  • Content Producers
  • Systems Integrators
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Database Managers

And once your engine is up and running you can lower costs downstream by hiring and training a coordinator to manage your engine.

Risk 5 – Lack of relevant content (31%) –  If you do not have enough content to fuel your automation process we can run a quick and intensive content production workshop to create both sales automation and thought leadership content.

Risk 6 – Marketing and sales alignment (30%) –  We understand that the digital conversation and the sales conversation are the same conversations with the same shared goal of putting sales ready opportunities into the hands of your closer.

Risk 7 – Budget constraints (27%) – With a sales-ready lead campaign you don’t need to commit to an annual software agreement with a marketing automation software company that will quickly run you $20K to $30K before you even get started.  Your automated campaigns can start month to month, which allows you to use your budget for more content and more leads to fuel the funnel and not the software to develop the funnel.