Outsourced Sales Product Launch

Outsourced Sales Product Launch

In this accelerating and highly competitive business environment, innovation is critical for continued growth. As Bob Dylan aptly wrote, “Those not busy being born are busy dying.” In some cases, this is adding additional services for existing clients; while in other cases, this can mean a new product launch.

When your new product is ready to launch, you have a decision to make. You can give the product to your existing sales team, but this may distract them from staying focused on your core business. Or you may consider hiring a new sales rep – or multiple sales reps; however, the challenge with this approach is that hiring and training a new sales team that understands the market takes time and costs money. And with everything else surrounding a new product launch, most executives will already have a great deal on their plate.

This is when considering an outsourced sales product launch may make sense. An outsourced sales product launch will have the following key advantages:

  • Quick and effective go to market strategy – an outsourced sales company will be able to work with your executives to craft a go to market strategy.
  • Content production support – an outsourced sales company can recommend and cover gaps in the content required to take a new product to market.
  • No recruiting costs – you can tap into a blended team of sales and marketing professionals, reducing the costs of launching your new product.
  • Faster to market – with a team ready to go you will get to market faster, giving you a competitive advantage or keeping a competitor within distance.
  • No hiring and training new salespeople – you will not need to spend valuable time training a team.
  • Sales experts who can help you hone your strategy – an outsourced sales company will have a team that knows how to work together and how to communicate and share new strategies that may help your business as they’ll know what sales and marketing tactics work best.
  • Tools for measuring success – an outsourced sales company that specializes in running new product launches will understand how to implement CRM and Marketing Automation Systems. Furthermore, they will be able to run these tools in parallel, or they can help you to refine your existing tools to measure the key metrics for success, so you get smarter faster.
  • Lower cost to test multiple lead generation tactics – an outsourced sales company will be able to run multiple types of campaigns simultaneously, including:
    • email campaigns to generate leads and build awareness
    • PPC campaigns to generate leads and build awareness
    • Cold Calling campaigns to generate leads from your most important targets
    • Marketing automation campaigns to develop and score leads
    • Follow up calling campaigns to qualify leads and set appointments

About Gabriel Sale Outsourced Sales Product Launch

If you aren’t sure how to effectively build a strategy or launch a campaign for a new product, an outsourced sales company may help get you to market faster and more effectively at a lower cost. Many companies have pursued this strategy effectively in the past. You can learn more about Gabriel Sales outsourced sales results from our outsourced sales case studies.

Gabriel Sales provides sales outsourcing and marketing services to help Start Ups and SMBs modernize their sales and marketing operations. To learn more about our approach to helping companies address the new digitally-driven buyer, you can also check out our About Us page.