Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Automation Performance

Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Automation Performance

The combination of outsourcing sales and marketing automation is a key to success.

As a sales driven company, marketing automation software is one of the key technologies that we implement to help businesses modernize their sales and marketing operations.

As important as planning campaigns and the implementation of the software is to the success of your outsourcing sales and marketing automation lead generation success, it’s also important not to drop the ball after you get started. You cannot expect to simply turn the system on and have it drive itself.   Optimizing your system after it goes live is one of the key areas where an outsourcing sales company can really accelerate your transition to building modern sales and marketing operations.

Here are several ways an outsourcing sales and marketing automation company can help ensure your success after the initial 60 to 90 days of your first marketing automation campaign.

Expertise on when to transition leads to your outsourcing sales team

The results of lead scoring campaigns are ultimately realized when the sales ready leads get into the hands of your business development reps and sales qualifiers at the right time and as quickly as possible. Establishing reports and notifications to the right person at the right time will ensure that the leads are acted upon quickly before they go cold.  An outsourcing sales and marketing automation company will have the best practices to program the right workflow based on their depth and breadth of experience.

Analysis to help you decide what content to create next and how to refine lead scoring

After the initial 90 days you should have your first wave of Sales Ready Leads in the hands of your closers.  Depending on sales cycles you should have enough information to make informed decisions about what content needs to be added to you content calendar.  To do this your outsourcing sales and marketing partner can work with you to review the commonly consumed content by people who convert to buyers or are deeply engaged prospects.  You can then assign higher value scores in your system to prospects when that content is consumed.  You can then have your outsourcing sales and marketing automation partner create similar content to use in future campaigns.

Analysis of email campaign performance

Just like the content you need to analyze the drip campaign performance.  Look for high performance click through rates (CTR) and unsubscribe rates and adjust your campaigns accordingly.  If there is a piece of content that people commonly unsubscribe from, remove it from your campaign.  If there is an email that has a high CTR, optimize the respective landing page and consider using it as part of an inbound campaign.

Keep creating content intelligently

Among the biggest bottlenecks many marketers face is trying to source good content while keeping it updated, fresh, and relevant. With data from your automation campaign you can now start to leverage your sales outsourcing and marketing partner to plan ahead. And because an outsourcing sales and marketing automation partner will understand both the front end and the back end of your sales funnel they will be able to help you with both the strategy and the actual content production required to help you keep the right level of content flowing at the right level of investment.


Gabriel Sales provides outsourcing sales and marketing automation services for companies after we transform their sales and marketing operations to meet the needs of today’s digital buyer.  If you are new to lead scoring and marketing operations we invite you to check out our whitepaper “Drive More Sales Ready Leads in 60 Days”  How to build a sales system to consistently generate more sales ready leads at a lower cost.