Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Can Help You Outperform the Competition

b2b sales outsourcingDuring the course of our sales process, we often hear from early stage prospects who have not really thought about outsourcing to help outperform the competition in terms of lead generation. Many of these early stage prospects haven’t committed to outsourced B2B lead generation and often struggle to understand or grasp the enormity of change that can occur as a result.

What many companies fail to realize is that simply by freeing up the time that was once spent educating and qualifying, you are now able to provide a deeper level of service to your customers, which in turn can lead to higher retention, more upsell possibilities and more referrals.

By shifting focus to serving the needs of your prospects, you change the dynamics of the entire conversation. The prospect realizes you are there to help, rather than to just sell.

By leveraging outsourced B2B lead generation, you have a team of experts at your side to help with all of the heavy lifting. While your competitors struggle to figure out how to get more leads or implement a marketing automation platform, you are freed to focus on strategy, content, and closing that can help you outperform the competition.

The other major benefit to B2B sales outsourcing has to do with time. Sales and marketing have changed dramatically in recent years with the rise of digital technology, and adapting your sales process to this new digital environment is a task that is neither simple nor quick.

As B2B sales and marketing outsourcers, we have over 13 years of experience building scalable sales machines, and we have developed a proven and streamlined process for running integrated sales and marketing campaigns for our clients. We have found that using this process, we can achieve in 90 days what typically takes 9-18 months for a client to implement on their own.  For startup companies looking to take a new product to market, this difference can be significant when attempting to outperform the competition.

To learn more about the value of leveraging outsourced B2B lead generation to outperform the competition, read How an Outsourced Sales Team Can Help Your Marketing Team. You can learn more about the B2B outsourcing services we offer on our service page.

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