Sales Outsourcing and Modern BDRs

Sales Outsourcing and Modern BDRs

Sales outsourcing give you access to the modern Business Development Rep (BDR)

In today’s business environment buyers have access to a wealth of information and educational material to help research and evaluate products and solutions.  As a result the roles and responsibilities for Business Development Reps are constantly evolving.

The days have past when BDRs are given a list to make cold calls.  Modern BDR’s are now supported by tools that give them insights into a buyer’s needs, content to educate those buyers and the ability to score leads with automation technologies so they know where to focus their time.

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from your modern sales outsourcing business development rep.

Your modern sales outsourcing rep will be targeting your Ideal Customer Profile

For a sales rep to succeed they need to focused on buyers most likely to buy.  When working with a sales outsourcing company you will have a strategy in place to target your ideal customer.  You can also expect your sales outsourcing rep to understand that customer, what makes them a great fit for your company and what group of buyers and influencers will be part of the decision making unit. Different buyer personas that you have defined in your ICP targeting will have different needs and the modern business development rep will have the ability to personalize their approach to meet the prospects’ needs.

Your modern sales outsourcing rep will know what problems your buyers are trying to solve

To close business you need to have a great product.  But before pitching the product you need to know what problems your buyer is trying to solve. Modern BDRs will be aware of product features but more importantly they will also be aware of the problems and pains the buyers have.  Today’s buyer is more concerned with solving problems and not features and benefits early in the buying cycle.  Understanding the problems a buyer is trying to solve will help your closers and sales engineers present the product to potential customers in a way that highlights the solution to their major problems.

Your modern sales outsourcing rep will have content they can share with the buyer to prove they understand the buyers needs and pains

In 2017 top sales outsourcing companies will have the ability to create content like headshot videos, blog articles and webcasts to help educate the buyer.  This content can be shared directly by the rep and will also be shared as part of ongoing drip nurturing campaigns for buyers that are not ready to buy.

Your sales outsourcing rep will have the automation tools to prioritize leads

One of the most valuable features of automation technologies is the ability to help you prioritize leads.   These tools score your buyers likelihood to buy based on their Ideal Customer Profile fit and your buyers’ engagement with different types of content.   The modern sales outsourcing rep will know how to access these scores in the CRM and will also be able to observe the specific pieces of content your buyers are engaged with to help them personalize the questions they ask the prospect.

Your sales outsourcing rep will follow a repeatable sales process

Modern BDR’s know that smart work flow is critical.  Your sales outsourcing partner will help your sales reps leverage technology to enable your sales team to follow a persistent and measurable process with outreach that combines a mix of phone, email and social. This approach drives better conversion rates.

Your sales outsourcing reps mind set has shifted from always be closing to always be helping

With all the educational tools at your buyers disposal more and more products are first “bought’ and the buyer educates themselves digitally.  Your modern BDR’s number one focus needs to be to help your buyer facilitate that part of your buyer’s process.  As your BDR does this they will be building trust.   As you are sharing content, scoring leads and asking the right questions as part of your repeatable sales process your buyer development rep will know the right time to ask for the appointment and ask for the business with one simple question “Are you ready to speak with a sales executive?”

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