Top B to B Demand Generation Requires Sales

This blog is the second part of a three part series that discusses the advantages  sales content marketing and why B to B demand gen requires sales and marketing alignment.  I then explains how you can approach creating a successful Demand Generation b to b solution (with or without outsourcing) by aligning sales and marketing.  In this blog we provide a simple framework for driving success.   CLICK HERE FOR PART ONE.

As an outsourced sales organization we firmly believe that every outsourced demand generation b to b effort needs “to start with the end in mind”.  That “end” is closed business. Therefore, b to b demand generation requires sales. As a company we build High Velocity Sales Machines.  The marketing services we provide to support the sales efforts are focused on improving two areas:  Demand Generation and Overcoming Specific Sales Objections.   Our focus when executing marketing services in these areas is to create the feedback loops required for the marketing team to create content (or in many cases to produce the initial necessary digital content ourselves) to ensure that the sales content meets the need of the buyer exactly where they are in their buying cycle. You need to match your sales function to the customer buying cycle.  Typically:

  • B2B Demand Generation – helping the customer define their problem and establishing your credentials as a thought leader to help them.
  • Sales Engagement and Qualifying – helping the customer to compare your solution to other solutions in the market. And to evaluate their alternatives.
  • Closing – sales starts when the customer says “No”.   This content needs to overcome specific objections so that the customer can verify the ROI and confirm what you have already told them so they are comfortable committing to you.

For Gabriel Sales, sales content marketing is not strategic, it is tactical and measurable.  The job of sales content marketing is measured.  And when we make recommendations or create content that content starts by addressing a specific need or objection that we have heard directly from a customer.

Below is a simple framework we use when creating digital content or providing feedback loops to the marketing teams we work with.

We are giving our marketing efforts “A Sales Quota.”   To do this you need  listen and document the conversation with the customer.   As part of our services we map the entire sales conversation to identify the objections, and then create authentic digital content  that addresses those needs and objections specifically to get deals through the pipe.

To summarize, smart sales content marketing is a simple as:

  1. Getting everyone to agree that the Sales Marketing job is to close business
  2. Listening to the Needs and Objections of your customer to understand the “Sales Conversation”
  3. Creating Authentic Content that addresses the client’s needs for where they are in the buying cycle

As an outsourcing b to b demand generation company we are not delusional.  We know what we are the best at, and what other solutions are more effective. We are the best at building outsourced demand generation engines that:

  1. Generate b to b sales leads with cold calling efforts
  2. Take cold call leads and inbound marketing qualified leads, listen to the customer and understand their needs and sales objections
  3. Move deals from marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads by:
  • Creating and distributing great “Sales” content that move the deals forward
  • Training reps how to use that content
  • Providing great feedback loops to marketing teams so they can expand on that effort once proven

With a full pipe we then transition to the close by staffing enterprise sales reps or inside reps as the need dictates.

The final blog will discuss how internal “marketing” teams and external agencies can build on smart sales driven demand generation and sales content marketing to put more qualified sales deals in the pipe.

If you would like to learn more about how an outsourced demand generation solution can help accelerate this alignment and scale, please feel free to CONTACT US for a free initial strategy conversation.  Or visit the B2B Demand Generation Resources section of our Website.

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