How to Repurpose B2B Marketing Content

Blogs, Videos, Checklists- B2b marketing content and medium“You need to post on Facebook at least twice a day.”

“If you aren’t blogging weekly, your SEO will slip.”

“You should be holding webinars once or twice a month.”

“You need to offer a new white paper every quarter.”

If you do a Google search for B2B marketing content development, you’ll likely find tips like the ones above.  As a startup company or a company with a small staff, keeping up with all of the different types of marketing content you need to create can be overwhelming and exhausting.

It may seem like you need a whole staff of copywriters and marketers to keep up with the constant demands of marketing content production.  However, we believe if you know how to repurpose B2B marketing content to share across platforms, your workload decreases dramatically.

While none of the above tips are hard and fast rules for marketing today (although they are all good ideas), what they illustrate is the need to consistently reach your prospects in the way they want to be reached. Some people are Facebook addicts while others still love well-written white papers. So you need to offer both, and then some.

The good news is you don’t have to come up with completely new b2b marketing content for each marketing medium. By quickly and easily converting one form of digital marketing into another, you can push the same messaging and content through all of your marketing channels.

Here is an example:

To start, write a white paper. Let’s say the white paper is called “The 10 Things You Need to Succeed in 2013”.

Then, take that white paper and turn it into 10 short blog posts, each one about one of the “things” you need to succeed.

If you are able to produce live video, have one of your senior executives stand in front of a white board and go over each of the 10 points. Then, chop that video into 10 separate videos to post on your YouTube channel.

You can also take your white paper and turn it into a Powerpoint presentation. You can then share the Powerpoint presentation online on places like Slideshare and the ‘presentations’ section of LinkedIn. Using software like Camtasia, you can also turn your slide show presentation into a video to share on YouTube or Wistia.

If you were to do all this, you would have a white paper, 10 blog posts, 10 ‘live-action’ videos, a slideshow presentation and a slideshow video. That amounts to 22 digital content marketing assets to share with your prospects—all coming from a single white paper.

You can then push those 22 assets out over your social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google ) on whatever type of schedule you chose.  By varying your messaging in social media posts to highlight different features of each asset, you can tweet or post the same piece of content multiple times.

Hopefully this example has shown you that repurposing b2b marketing content and the mediums to reach prospects does not have to be overwhelming.  By leveraging the same messaging or theme throughout multiple digital platforms, you will be able to ensure you can reach your customers in their preferred content-consumption format.

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