B2B Blogging – Why it’s a Double Win

B2B BloggingB2B Blogging will help your sales!

A 2012 study of Fortune 500 companies found that only 28% have corporate blogs. While this number is up dramatically from the same study in 2008, we think it is still quite low considering the amount of value a corporate blog can bring to a company.

B2B Blogging is great fit for web marketing for many reasons, but we think the main benefits fall into two categories: forwarding sales and marketing objectives and improving SEO.

Sales & Marketing Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of having a company blog is building awareness around your brand.  Customers today want to know more about the companies they buy from and are looking for ways to build trust.  A blog helps get your company’s name out there and at the same time humanizes your brand.

Through the content you post, blogs can be even more of an asset to your company. By asking people to subscribe to your blog, you can build an online community and foster intelligent discussions around industry trends and best practices. By doing so, you can position yourself as a thought-leader in your industry and build credibility for the products or services you provide. If you are able to provide valuable content to your readers, they will likely turn into leads.

SEO Benefits

The primary marketing function of a company blog is generally to help improve SEO.  By having more pages (blog posts) with the keywords your prospects are searching for, you are more likely to show up in the top results of search engines.

Polaris B found that companies that have published 200 blog posts or more generate 5X as much traffic as those with 10 or less.  So, the more you post, the better (while never sacrificing quality/content value). Having multiple blog posts also gives you the opportunity to use different keyword variations, thereby allowing you to penetrate more verticals.

In summary, B2B blogging is a great way to bring value to your B2B company while at the same time further your sales and marketing objectives. Blogs bring faces to the name of your brand and help you connect with more customers in new and exciting ways.

Bottom line: If you aren’t blogging, you should be.

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