What Is Lead Scoring and Why is it Critical?

What Is Lead Scoring and Why is it Critical?

October 4, 2016
What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is the ability of marketing to predict based on a buyer’s digital behavior, title and function their likelihood of being a sales ready and sales qualified lead for your sales team.

When B2B Marketers were surveyed in 2016 the majority of marketers claimed that Sales Lead Quality was the most important metric to measure success.



But, of the 35% of the B2B market that is using a marketing automation platform 59% state that their systems lack insights that indicate buying behavior. Why is this the case? Because ironically one of the most underutilized functions in most Marketing Automation Systems is the lead scoring tools for both scoring and organizing content for scoring.


If your lead scoring consistently disappoints, you are probably ignoring the most important components of lead scoring – basic web analytics and content organization.

Simply put lead scoring combines a leads decision-making level with their engagement with specific types of content and gives a numerical score to different stages of content that are predictive of a buyers level of interest.

  • Early Stage Content Gets a Score of 5-10
  • Solution Oriented Content Gets a Score of 10-25
  • Late Stage Content Gets a Score of 100



Why is Lead Scoring Critical?

Lead Scoring is critical for major reasons:


Your buyers spend more time buying through digital education.  In fact, 60% of your buyers are having a digital conversation before engaging with sales.   You would expect your Business Development Rep to record and judge their conversations based on Need.   You need to do the same thing with your digital conversations.   Especially if you have more than one decision maker and/or influencer involved in the sale.  If your buyer does not have enough time or interest in learning about your product digitally chances are they are not that interested in buying your solution.

Why is it critical to know who your most interested buyers are. As a sales outsourcing company, we believe the answer is simple.   You need to make every connection count!  Calls to connect ratios are now half of what they were even three years ago.  For simplicities sake – if your average caller dial 100 leads per day. They will only have 10 actual conversations a day. If you are not connecting with buyers that are demonstrating an interest in your product you are squandering your calling resources. Calling Scored Leads is now critical to lead generation success.

Lead Scoring is your number one tool to control the Cost of Sales percentage and increase the calling production of your inside and outside sales reps.


Gabriel Sales can help companies at any stage of maturity improve their lead scoring.

With over 40 Marketing Automation implementations under our belt, we bring both the capability and capacity to help you get it right in weeks.

  • For companies using an existing system, we can help with turnkey nurturing campaigns including content production and our Content Management Tools.
  • And for companies just getting started, we can allow you to pilot a lead scoring engine with our low-cost lead scoring technologies.

To learn more feel free to check out our educational Sales Ready Leads microsite or feel free to contact us for a preliminary assessment today.

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